Are You Angry About Your Diabetes?

September 20, 2014 by
October Diabetes Late Nite

October Diabetes Late Nite

In October, Diabetes Late Nite focuses on ‘anger issues’ related to diabetes self-care management.

Although scientific research has yet to provide a direct link between anger and diabetes, many experts believe that problems with the regulation of sugar levels passing through the blood of the body can lead to anger.

Hormones within the body that are used to regulate glucose levels within the blood are the same as those used to regulate stress levels leading to feelings including anger and depression. This is particularly true in the case of type 2 diabetes where the body fails to transport insulin produced in the pancreas around the body despite the correct amount of insulin being produced for transporting glucose from the blood into the cells of the body. During times of elevated anger levels, the hormones affecting blood sugar levels become overstimulated and can increase or decrease production of insulin and the transportation of the chemical around the body.

Anger is also a common feeling felt by people newly diagnosed with diabetes and related to the stress of dealing with the up’s and down’s of daily self-care management.

October’s Diabetes Late Nite guests include the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach (Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, Dr. Beverly Adler PhD, CDE and Neva White DNP, CRNP, CDE ) Poet Lorraine Brooks and Mama Rose MPoet Lorraine Brooks, Author Lisa Eugene, Mama Rose Marie and Special Guest: Mamie Jackson.  Hosted by Mr. Divabetic. Our musical inspiration will be Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force. We will be playing their greatest hits courtesy of SONY MUSIC.

Divabetic’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast is a fast-paced, full-filled hour of diabetes education and wellness advice that encourages listeners to “laugh a little, learn a lot.”

TUNE IN: Diabetes Late Nite Inspired by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force  on Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 6-7 PM, EST.

Artificial Sweeteners May Promote Diabetes

September 19, 2014 by

Artificial-Sweetener-480x250Using artificial sweeteners may increase your chances of developing diabetes according to new research.


The research suggests that sweeteners hamper how well the body handles sugar in the diet, which in turn can result in higher blood sugar levels. This impairment, called glucose intolerance, can eventually lead to diabetes.

Yanina Pepino of Washington University in St. Louis said the results make a convincing case that sweeteners hamper the body’s handling of sugar by altering gut bacteria. And it adds to her belief that sweeteners and sugar should be used in moderation, especially by children, she said.

“It’s really providing strong data suggesting we need to do more research,” she said.

Researchers began by testing three widely used sweeteners: saccharin, sold for example as Sweet ‘N Low; sucralose, sold as Splenda, and aspartame, sold for example as NutraSweet, in 20 mice.

Researchers turned to 381 non-diabetic volunteers who filled out a questionnaire that estimated their consumption of artificial sweeteners. Forty participants who had the most showed evidence of higher blood sugar than 236 non-users.

In another preliminary test, researchers gave saccharin for a week to seven healthy volunteers who normally don’t consume sweeteners. Four showed a decline in their ability to handle sugar over the course of the week. The makeup of their gut bacteria changed markedly over the week, while that of other three changed little.

Overall, the results suggest that some people may be affected by artificial sweeteners, said one of the researchers, Dr. Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovet, Israel.

Read more here:

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Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Theater, Pt.

September 18, 2014 by
Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Radio

Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Radio

Here’s part six (and final part) of the script for Divabetic’s Diabetes Late Night Mystery Theater podcast starring Mr. Divabetic, Mama Rose Marie, Jennifer Martsolf from Trigg Laboratories, USA Today Best-Selling Author Tonya Kappes, author of the novel ‘GOOD LIKE THIS’ Peter Arpesella, Leisa Chester Weir, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach (Neva White CDE, and Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE) and  Lorraine Brooks. Listen to the podcast for free on demand at divabetic.orgblog talk radio and/or i-Tunes. Enjoy:

Narrator: Thank goodness that is over, and everyone is safe!  No one really suspected sweet Mama Rose Marie of being a two-faced killer. Yet who could believe that a master of disguise would pretend to be her in order to frame Mr. Divabetic of murder!!!.Thankfully our quick-witted host is just as quick on his feet!*

Randolph, Randolph

Oh, for shame!

But you won’t kill DIVABETIC!

We’ve now exposed your evil game…

You’re nothing but pathetic!!

MAX: Wow, I always knew my cardio kick boxing classes at New York Sports Club would come in handy one day – Tonya!

TONYA: I’m not so sure about that but I will say that Jennifer’s tube of lube, sure did help.

JENNIFER: I always say every girl should carry some Platinum lube. But in this case. it was a lifesaver. It helped make our hands slippery so we could untie them without Randolph noticing.

TONYA: Yeah, once Max let out that scream like Miss Piggy. We made our move.  Randolph lost his focus and Neva, Patricia, Jennifer and I were able to wrestle him to the ground

NEVA: Then, Jennifer squirted some lube on his gun so it slipped out of his hands just as the police arrived

PATRICIA: We certainly lived up to our name, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach! Fighting for justice.

NEVA: One of all and all for one. GLAM MORE FEAR LESS

TONYA: I hope they don’t mind that the gun is covered in lube.

JENNIFER: It’s fine.  The police are big fans of our product.  Everyone uses it.

MAX:  Tonya, you were one step ahead of everybody. You knew something was up with my Mom. That’s why you asked me to trick her into thinking Neva was hosting the podcast. Did you know the whole time that it was Randolph?

TONYA: Honestly, I had no idea!

MAX: He has a screw loose but he got one thing right.

TONYA: How so?

MAX: The pharmaceutical approach to stopping diabetes isn’t doing enough when compared with the overwhelming health statistics that we’re all fighting, it’s like David and Goliath

NEVA: And Goliath is winning, big time!

PATRICIA: It’s ridiculous. There’s so much money being spent on phony cures like Cure Sugar Now.

Neva: We need to shift the focus away from ‘miracle’ cures to empowering people with diabetes to feel more confident in their ability to manage their self-care like we do at Divabetic. On this podcast and at our monthly meetings.  Until there really is a cure

TONYA: So …  if people with diabetes don’t feel empowered then they fall for scams and phonies like Randolph Kincaid and products like Cure Sugar Now

MAX: See, right there’s where we lose the battle! We can’t treat people with diabetes like they are an afterthought

PATRICIA: We need to keep empowering patients to take charge of their health

JENNIFER: But what can you do? Especially if you’re fighting against those odds?

MAX: Jennifer, there’s only one thing we can do and that’s to go on with the show!

Narrator: Well that was certainly an interesting evening at Divabetic Studios!  Randolph was arrested and taken to jail, but he wasn’t charged with murder, but with fraud, for selling his useless dietary supplement SugarCure.  The autopsy report revealed that Loretta Goner didn’t die from the knife wound to her back, but she had a heart attack from taking too many supplements! Randolph Kincaid stabbed her as she was experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack.  Let this be a lesson to you, my listeners, to talk to your doctor before you decide to add any supplements and/or over the counter products to your daily self-care regime. I’m also happy to announce that the real Mama Rose Marie is safe and sound. She was out of town during this whole ordeal at her 50 year Mercyhurst college reunion. She’s now home curled up reading the newest Charming Crime novel by author, Tonya Kappes.

 Mr Divabetic and I would like to thank our sponsors: Dr. Greenfield’s Diabetic Friendly foot and hand creams, Cabot Cheese and Nu Naturals for their ongoing support and SONY MUSIC for giving us permission to play songs from the award winning Pink Panther album by Henry Mancini.   We all hope you enjoyed tonight’s special edition of Diabetes Late Nite – and remember – GLAM MORE, FEAR LESS!!!*


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ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert Has Built-in Insulin Calculator

September 17, 2014 by
Divabetic Product Reviews

Divabetic Product Reviews

Since our Divabetic community members already love the  ACCU-CHEK FastClix lancing device because it’s so easy to use and less painful so much, we decided to check to the new Roche ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert which claims you can enjoy a meal without worrying about the math!

Roche’s ACCU-CHEK® Aviva Expert system is the first and only blood glucose meter system with a built-in insulin calculator to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This device represents a significant advancement in blood glucose meter technology for people with diabetes who take multiple daily insulin injections. The meter’s integrated bolus calculator provides easy-to-use and reliable dose recommendationsbased on automated calculations, eliminating the need for manual dosing calculations.

HOW IT WORKS: The ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert meter calculates an insulin dose and/or carbohydrate intake based on user-entered data. The ACCU-CHEK Bolus Advisor, as a component of the ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert meter provides insulin dose recommendations in response to blood glucose, health events, and carbohydrate input. The ACCU-CHEK Bolus Advisor provides insulin adjustment guidelines within the scope of a pre-planned treatment program from a healthcare professional. Before patient use, a healthcare professional must prescribe the ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert system and provide the patient-specific target blood glucose, insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio, and insulin sensitivity parameters to be programmed into the ACCU-CHEK Bolus Advisor.

A survey of ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert users found that 79% reported increased confidence with insulin dose calculation, and 52% reported a reduced fear of hypoglycemia.

“The availability of the ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert system marks an important, game-changing milestone in diabetes self-management by making the process of calculating insulin dosage easier and less susceptible to error,” said Dr. Bruce W. Bode, a clinical associate professor with Atlanta Diabetes Associates in Atlanta, GA. “One of the biggest barriers to optimal self-management is the ability to calculate bolus doses. My hope is that the device will become the standard of care for patients on multiple daily insulin injection therapy due to the simplicity of the built-in bolus calculator.”

The ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert provides peace of mind for many people with type 1 diabetes.  They to feel confident that theyinjected the correct dose of insulin due to the ease of using the bolus calculator vs. making the calculations himself

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Whoopi Goldberg Slims Down for ‘The View’ Debut

September 16, 2014 by
Whoopi's Weight Loss

Whoopi’s Weight Loss

“The View” kicked off a new season yesterday with a whole new panel joining veteran host Whoopi Goldberg.

The legendary actress was joined by Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace, and a lot of the talk on the premiere was about how great Whoopi looks!

Goldberg, 58, said on the show she topped off at 217 pounds recently and decided it was time for a change. She said former “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd was partly responsible for the motivation to lose the weight.

About 35 pounds,” she said after the show of how much she has lost. “I happened to notice that I had begun to look like a linebacker. I happened to look over and there was Sherri, skinny, and I said, ‘What did you do?’ She said, ‘I’ve been doing Rocco DiSpirito’s one pound a day diet.’ I said, ‘Please, I want to do it too.'”

Goldberg has been doing the diet since November and also gave up smoking.

Smoking is a health hazard for anyone, but for people with diabetes or a high risk of developing the disease, lighting up can contribute to serious health complications.

Research shows that people  with diabetes who smoke have higher blood sugar levels, making their disease more difficult to control and putting them at greater danger of developing complications such as blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure and heart problems.

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Divabetic Club Returns to New York City!

September 16, 2014 by
Divabetic Club

Divabetic Club

After a four year absence, Divabetic’s premiere outreach program, the Divabetic Club returns to New York City on Sunday, October 26, 1 -4 PM.

“I’m excited to bring our diva brand of diabetes outreach back to NYC,” says Max “Mr. Divabetic” Szadek. “Divabetic started in NYC so it’s great to be back doing what we do best!”

Divabetic’s belief in the power of a diva to change attitudes is what led us to take diabetes education out of the clinical setting and to direct our outreach efforts toward women. The ‘girl’s nights out’ atmosphere helps us to tackle real life problems, body image issues and matters of the heart where diabetes is concerned.  Different beauty, image, craft and lifestyle presenters join us from time to time to teach us about other interests, products and services.

The Divabetic Club will be co-presented with Elliot LeBow LCSW, CDE. Elliot is a clinical social worker, psychotherapist and certified diabetes educator. At age six, I was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes (Type I). I am now a Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapist, a Certified Diabetes Educator and Diabetes Coach as well as the owner of DiabeticTalks, a robust online platform dedicated to helping individuals like yourself live a better life.

“My own passion lies with helping people with diabetes live a capable, powerful life-with less suffering!”says Elliot LeBow.
If you’re affected by, at risk and/or living with diabetes or you care for someone living with diabetes – you’re welcome to join us. The best way to experience our diva brand of diabetes programming is to bring a friend! Mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, cousins, co-workers or best friends – all are welcome!
Saturday, October 26, 2014, 1 -4 PM – FREE ADMISSION 
Divabetic Club – NYC
323 West 96th Street, Suite 2
New York, NY 10025
REGISTER NOW: (646) 392-8599

Diabetes Late Mystery Theater, Pt. 5

September 15, 2014 by
Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Radio

Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Radio

Here’s part five of the script for Divabetic’s Diabetes Late Night Mystery Theater podcast starring Mr. Divabetic, Mama Rose Marie, Jennifer Martsolf from Trigg Laboratories, USA Today Best-Selling Author Tonya Kappes, author of the novel ‘GOOD LIKE THIS’ Peter Arpesella, Leisa Chester Weir, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach (Neva White CDE, and Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE) and  Lorraine Brooks. Listen to the podcast for free on demand at divabetic.orgblog talk radio and/or i-Tunes. Enjoy:

Narrator: WHOA!!!  In the flash of a hand .. Mama Rose Marie is coming apart at the seams – pieces of her outfit are falling to the floor – .Her floral pattern apron and the rosary stashed in her pocket went flying in one direction – her dress, a string of pearls, several pairs of Spanx and pantyhose flew in another direction – OMG it’s  mastermind laboratory researcher Randolph Kincaid!  What’s going on???    There is Randolph Kincaid standing in front of them holding a gun and a wooden spoon, with a dark brown wig slightly askew!!  He must have disguised himself as Mama Rose Marie!!!  Holy cow…his  disguise was so exact in every detail that he had blindsided everyone into believing that he was Mama Rose Marie…  If Randolph Kincaid was disguised as Mama Rose Marie where is the REAL Mama Rose Marie???   (ORGAN)

 We find that Max has been betrayed

By lying scoundrel Randolph Kincaid!!!

PETER: Idiot! I’m not your sweet little mother, the object of so much genuine affection. I’m the master of disguise and brilliant researcher, Randolph Kincaid, Cure Sugar Now.

MAX: This is unreal. I can’t believe it. My Aunt Daisy Mae carried a wooden spoon. Not my mother. I should have known .. I’ve still got the welts to prove it!

PETER: No doubt – deserved. Being your mother is fate worse than death! Good thing, I’m going to kill you before you have the chance to destroy my dreams- Now, line up, surrender, let me kill you.

MAX:  What did you do with my mother? Where is she?

PETER: Hand over the trademark for Divabetic and you can stop worrying! I might not even kill you. it’s so much work to kill someone, blood everywhere, it’s just too much— Just give me the Divabetic trademark. Quick, now, come on!

TONYA: Wait a second.This entire time it was you, Randolph Kincaid the owner of Cure Sugar Now, walking around here disguised as Mama Rose Marie?!? You freak!

RANDOLPH: Randolph Kincaid, Cure Sugar Now. But I thought we already established that— Am I not an absolutely brilliant act-or?  I know. Thank you. After Cure Sugar Now makes be a billionaire, I will go into showbusiness, like Trump, or Cuban, or Brando. Showbiz, is really my plan B. Anyway, yes! I am the owner of Cure  Sugar Now – the most amazing discovery in science that man has ever known— I would allow you to shake my hand, I like my fans, if I weren’t holding you at gunpoint right now – My team of researchers and I have accomplished what no one else could. We’ve discovered the cure for diabetes! – Applause, thank you.

MAX:  Just put the gun down and let everyone go. Please

RANDOLPH: Oh, but of course! If you say “Please” how can I resist. Just a suggestion, back off or I’ll shoot you, before I put the gun down! -Your inability to grasp that modern medicine is failing is reprehensible – you happy-go-lucky fool.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why there hasn’t been a cure yet? Diabetes is a cash cow. And a very fat one at that. Every time a new person gets diabetes, the CEOs of big pharma get a new yacht or a house in the Caribbean— I love the Caribbean, I can’t wait. Would love to buy an island, really, but I digress. Where was I? Oh, yes, Diabetes is a billion dollar industry, worldwide. It is the seventh leading cause of death in the US and the number of people living with diabetes in the world is expected to double by 2030. So, by now, Maxy-Max you must have realized that people make more money from people being sick, not healthy!

MAX: Nonsense. I’ll never sign over the trademark to Divabetic to someone like you

PETER:  Can’t you see your divas don’t want “inspiration”? They just want to snap their fingers and have their diabetes disappear. And that’s me, Randolph Kincaid, Cure Sugar Now! The scientists you so greatly admire haven’t got the foggiest idea what to do beyond inventing more drugs and devices to simply manage diabetes. But I have found the cure that will put an end to diabetes, an end to blindness, neuropathy, kidney failure, amputations, continuous testing, diet, too much food, too little food, too little insulin, too much insulin, hypoglycemia, mood swings, injections, larva like machines attached to your body, and the rest of the madness. I’m going rich beyond my wildest dreams, because I deserve it! And so could YOU, Maxy-Max. Just hand me the trademark and let’s go have drinks, in the Bahamas!

MAX: I won’t do it. I didn’t start Divabetic to get rich. And I’m not scamming people so you can!

RANDOLPH: Oh, boring. You sound just like her. Now, you’re going to end up like her too.

TONYA: Wait! Is that what Loretta said to you BEFORE you killed her, Randolph?

RANDOLPH: Tonya, you’re either late to the game or brilliantly intuitive. You’re very entertaining! But, you know, this isn’t the movies. Why should I answer your compromising question and spill the beans? Because I love the sound of my voice?…Well, that’s a very good reason. So, yes, Loretta was a fool who kept changing her mind. There was no more time, I’ve already spent millions on repacking our supplements with Divabetic’s name and logo. I tried to pay her off – I am a very generous man, after all – but she wouldn’t take it. I had no other choice but to kill her — just like the rest of you.

TONYA: You pinned her murder on Max. That’s why you used Max’s knife. You wanted to get him out of the picture in order to seize control of Divabetic. And the only way left  was by framing him for Loretta’s murder.

RANDOLPH: Okay, enough of this. Line up and I’ll kill you—

Narrator: Our Master of Disguise, Randolph Kincaid also happens to be a Master of Judo. The Charlie’s Angels, Tonya and Jennifer had no alternative but to head up to the abandoned roof of the Divabetic Studios where the ever resourceful Randolph tied them up with the pantyhose form his costume.  If the chill of the city’s night’s air isn’t enough to make your skin shiver, a deranged maniac holding you hostage at gunpoint certainly will. Stormy weather seems to be headed their way.

MAX:  Your plan’s never going to work. There’s no way people are going to buy your pills. They’re a scam.

RANDOLPH: Oh, they’ll buy them! Cure diabetes? Cha-ching!

TONYA: Luckily for me, I write and read Mandarin. I was able to decipher the Cure Sugar Now label and see that it contains a highly addictive compound

JENNIFER: Tonya, you’re saying once you take his pills – you get hooked?!

MAX:  He’s a scumbag.

TONYA: I’m right, aren’t I, Randolph? Your goal is to turn people into addicts

RANDOLPH: Ludicrous!

NEVA: So that’s why there were Cure Sugar Now vouchers in my Divabetic Club folder. He’s planning on giving away free samples until members are addicted.

Patricia: We’d never let him get away with it!

TONYA: Not him, you two …  but you’d let Mama Rose Marie take control of Divabetic. That’s why he impersonated her. Isn’t it, Randolph?  Once your plans with Loretta backfired you devised this scheme. You even managed to stock thousands of boxes of Cure Sugar Now products in this building

MAX: Really, Tonya?

TONYA: While y’all were having second helpings of Arthur’s mango salsa and chips. I checked out the lock on the backdoor. What you said is true, Max – the backdoor lock isn’t working. With Loretta’s help Randolph was able to access the building late at night and store thousands of boxes of SugarCure here. Right here, under your nose.  They’re downstairs in an empty office space.

PETER:  Okay, listen everybody, I’m going to put an end to this, because I need to get going. I have a mani-pedi in 15 minutes and I don’t like to be late. Loretta’s consciousness got to her. When she couldn’t go through with it, I decided to assume Mama Rose Marie’s identity. It was easy. As a child, long before my brilliant mind became fascinated with science I was mentored in Kabuki, the art of disguise- My mother wanted me to be in show business, because, like I said, I am such a magnificent act-or.  And yes, Mom, I will become an actor, as soon as I get rich.  I knew no one in the Diabetes Late Nite cast would ever suspect sweet Mama Rose Marie of murdering Loretta. And even if they did, that silly fool right over there would protect his mother by pleading guilty to the murder. Isn’t it right, Maxy-Max?

Max: As God as my witness, I’ll never …

TONYA: Oh, I see what you’re up to. Without Max around, you could get all the Divabetics hooked on Cure Sugar Now and make your millions. You dirty rat!

RANDOLPH: Entertaining and very smart, Tonya. If I didn’t to kill you right now we should’ve had dinner together. But I’m tired of talking. People get what they deserve. You deserve to die and I, Randolph Kincaid – Cure Sugar Now, deserve to be RICH, RICH, RICH!

MAX: Enough’s enough. Whatever Loretta did, she didn’t deserve to die.   HI YAH!


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Great Product: MedCenter Pill Organizer

September 14, 2014 by
Divabetic Picks

Divabetic Picks

Is your lack of organization impacting your ability to effectively manage your diabetes?

Take advantage of the MedCenter Organizer! It’s easy to use and allows you to organize a full month’s worth of medication or vitamins at a time. The Organizer features thirty-one individual pill boxes that can be removed and taken with you as needed or remain with the Organizer stand for ease of convenience.

31 DAILY PILL BOXES organize your medications or vitamins by the month
EASY OPEN LIDS on Pill Boxes allow for easy access to needed medications
RED & GREEN COLOR CODING shows when daily dose is complete

Here’s what one DIVA blogger said about the product on Amazon: “I got this for my dad who takes several medications each day. My mom was always having to sort them and make sure he took the correct ones a week at a time. After seeing her do this and become frustrated, I purchased this and now she just pulls out the day and my dad can take them on his own. She only has to refill this once a month! It’s great!”

Price: $37. 95 BUY NOW

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Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Theater, Pt. 4

September 13, 2014 by
Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Radio

Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Radio

Here’s part four of the script for Divabetic’s Diabetes Late Night Mystery Theater podcast  starring Mr. Divabetic, Mama Rose Marie, Jennifer Martsolf from Trigg Laboratories, USA Today Best-Selling Author Tonya Kappes, author of the novel ‘GOOD LIKE THIS’ Peter Arpesella, Leisa Chester Weir, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach (Neva White CDE, and Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE) and  Lorraine Brooks. Listen to the podcast for free on demand at divabetic.orgblog talk radio and/or i-Tunes. Enjoy:

Narrator: Best-Selling author, Tonya Kappes’s idea of listening to past show tapes is providing less fruitful than anyone hoped. After an hour of listening to clips from various Divabetic podcasts for clues … the happy healthcare host feels more confused than ever

It’s getting late and we’ve no clues.

We’ve studied hard and long.

What else can happen to our host?

What else could still go wrong???

MAX: Tonya, can we leave .. NOW? This place is giving me the creeps.

TONYA: Give me a minute, I write mystery novels for a living but this is the first time I’m actually trying to solve a murder and I’m loving it!

MAX: But look Loretta’s staring at me!

TONYA:  Then, don’t look, silly. Let me hear this tape again. Can you reverse it? Max?

MAX: Sorry, I was just thinking about Loretta.   You know, I don’t know. we didn’t always fight.  We used to work really well together. She’s actually the person who talked me into hosting the podcasts in the first place.

TONYA: Are you kidding me? Loretta talked YOU into hosting a podcast? I don’t believe it.

MAX: Crazy, right?  I didn’t want to do it. I just wanted to keep hosting live Divabetic events. She kept telling me it would be a great way for to reconnect with all the divas and dudes who attended our programs as well as the educators. She was right! Now look, she’s dead.

TONYA: Max, I know this is upsetting but let’s hear your mom’s tape one more time.

MAX: Okay, okay. here you go

ROSE MARIE: “Don’t forget to order your Cure Sugar Now. A safe, natural supplement that not only reverses diabetes, it quite honestly cures it! This is Mama Rose Marie, saying ‘Ciao for now!”

MAX: Did you just hear what she said? The only thing that bugs me more than being locked up for life is knowing that my mother’s going to be promoting that snake oil

TONYA: You know, I’m looking around this studio and I have few questions.  Why does this button on the control board mean?

MAX: Basically it means that we’ll be broadcasting a pre-recorded tape tonight instead of doing a live broadcast. Wait, that’s a mistake, I’m hosting Diabetes Late Nite tonight so this tape isn’t necessary.

TONYA:  Maybe it wasn’t an accident that you were fired, Max. Look, this is our first clue: your Mother’s pre-recorded podcast is already loaded and ready to go. Someone wanted you out of the picture before the broadcast.

MAX: Well, they succeeded. Tonight’s show starts in less than 30 minutes and there’s no way that’s going to happen.

TONYA: Max, I’ve got an idea for you .. but you might not like it.

Narrator: Well that sure is an interesting development!!  Why was Mama Rose Marie’s tape in tonight’s show carton?  Who had access to the studio? (ORGAN)  Who wanted Loretta dead? (ORGAN) Did Loretta fire Max so he wouldn’t be killed?  Was this come sort of hostile take-over And Patricia’s been pretty quiet. I wonder why? What does SHE know? (ORGAN)

A lot of questions

What has been concealed?

Are there still more clues

That haven’t been revealed??

All this activity has got me jumpy. I’m going to check my blood sugars just to make sure. Stay tuned as the moment of truth is revealed on this special edition of Diabetes Late Nite Mystery theater! *(ORGAN)

NEVA: I’d be glad to host Diabetes Late Nite for you tonight, Max

MAX: Thanks, Neva. And feel free to discuss statins too.

NEVA: What are you going to do?

Max: Take my mom home once the police get here..  that is, if they don’t take me to jail.

ROSE MARIE: No, you don’t. That’s not what’s supposed to happen.

MAX: Mom, you need to rest.

ROSE MARIE: I’m fine. How many times have I told you not to talk about me in the third person?  I can make my own decisions. And I’m hosting tonight’s show!

MAX: Mom, Neva’s agreed to do it and Patricia is here too.

ROSE MARIE: Not HER! She should have been dead hours ago! If that scattered brain, Loretta didn’t mix up our mugs, my tea would have poisoned her!

MAX: What did you say, Mom? You’re not making any sense.

ROSE MARIE: You and that ridiculous fruit suit of yours ruined everything!!

PATRICIA: She’s hysterical. Can’t you see? Rose Marie, let me help you lie down

ROSE MARIE: Get your hands off of me, Patricia. You always want to be so helpful. I’ll show you some help!

JENNIFER: Oh My Goodness – NO!

MAX: Mom, what are you doing with a gun?!!

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Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Theater, Pt. 3

September 12, 2014 by
Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Radio

Diabetes Late Nite Mystery Radio

Here’s part three of the script for Divabetic’s Diabetes Late Night Mystery Theater podcast  starring Mr. Divabetic, Mama Rose Marie, Jennifer Martsolf from Trigg Laboratories, USA Today Best-Selling Author Tonya Kappes, author of the novel ‘GOOD LIKE THIS’ Peter Arpesella, Leisa Chester Weir, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach (Neva White CDE, and Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE) and  Lorraine Brooks. Listen to the podcast for free on demand at divabetic.orgblog talk radio and/or i-Tunes. Enjoy:

NARRATOR:  Well, I guess we need something to lighten up this situation…but there’s no lightening up the facts.  Loretta is DEAD.  She was stabbed, and Max was seen with a knife. But who had MOTIVE to kill Loretta?  Who didn’t like her?  Whose toes did she step on??  Let’s get back to the Studio and see where THIS is going!

TONYA: Do you think hiring Loretta was a mistake?

MAX: No, not at first but Loretta became irresponsible, Tonya. She only wanted money. Once lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies came calling. Boy oh Boy, the only color she saw was green. It was like nothing else mattered.

TONYA: What do you mean by that?

MAX:  She didn’t care about safeguarding our community. Don’t get me wrong, every nonprofit needs money to survive but if you’re not careful about where you get your funding from you can lose your credibility.


TONYA: How do you feel about it, Patricia?

PATRICIA: I agree with Max. We shouldn’t be partnering with bogus products that make promises they can’t deliver.  We’re here to help, not hurt people.

MAX: You know, it still bothers me that Luther Vandross had 50 people on the road supporting him with his music but when it came to managing his diabetes he did it alone. That was a huge mistake but Loretta’s idea of selling phony products to people who are desperately trying to manage their diabetes. Wow, that’s much worse.

TONYA:  Did Loretta want more money than you could afford?

MAX: Yes, but she was willing to go after it.  She actually found a sugar daddy who was ready and willing to put up a lot of money to be our sponsor

TONYA: Oh, what happened?

MAX: I pulled her aside and said, ‘no way.’ That’s probably why she talked our Board of Directors into getting rid of me. Behind my back.

TONYA: Can they do that?

MAX:  That’s how a nonprofit works. Divabetic is a 501 c 3 nonprofit. Our board votes in our officers. I’m actually one of the officers so yes, I can be voted out at any time. Bye, bye.

TONYA: What was so wrong with this sponsor?

MAX:  Honestly, everything. Seriously, they wanted to use Divabetic to promote a new herbal dietary supplement called ‘Cure Sugar Now’ Ridiculous. They claimed it cures diabetes! But we all checked it out. Patricia, Neva and I. Frankly, it’s a scam.

TONYA: I don’t get it. Loretta was potentially killed over a supplement? What’s the big deal?

NEVA: What’s the big deal? Supplements are everywhere. On magazine and television and they all promise miracles.

JENNIFER: Don’t they have to back up their claims with research?

PATRICIA: They do, Jennifer. These studies are funded by the same companies that sell the products.  It’s insane. If you take the time to examine the actual research you’ll almost always find serious flaws

NEVA: Cure Sugar Now claims to be an “herbal” diabetes supplement. There’s no evidence to support an herbal cure for diabetes

TONYA:  You two should tell the police about this. It might be helpful. Was Loretta aware of that?

JENNIFER: I bet she was too in love with her sugar daddy to care

TONYA: Well, what makes you say that, Jennifer?

JENNIFER: Loretta called me a few weeks ago. She was totally giddy. She sounded just like a teenager in love

TONYA: What did she say?

JENNIFER: She said she met her ‘dream’ guy. He was the answer to her prayers … except for a one problem

TONYA:  Did she tell you what it was?

JENNIFER:  How do I say this?  Loretta admitted they were having trouble consummating their relationship.  She thought maybe some of our products could help.

TONYA:  What kind of products are we talking about?

JENNIFER:  Well, as you know, I sell the Wet Brand of personal lubricants and trust me, not all lubricants are created equal especially for older women who haven’t been sexually active for a while.

MAX:  Sounds like Loretta to me!

JENNIFER: Right, I was telling her that our product Wet Platinum is particularly effective for older women and people with diabetes and anyone with sensitive skin in general.

TONYA:  Did she give you more details about this guy?

JENNIFER:  She told me that he also has diabetes and he sometimes has a little trouble in the performance department.

MAX:  Ohh, do tell!

JENNIFER:  I told her that was common as men age and the onset is typically earlier in men with diabetes because diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control the erection.

TONYA:  How about the pills that men take?

JENNIFER:  That’s up to a doctor to prescribe but people with diabetes also tend to have problems with their heart and those medications may not be appropriate.

TONYA:  So what did you tell her to do?

JENNIFER:  It’s two problems that compound each other.  She’s dry so he has trouble with penetration and that leads to anxiety for both which leads to more dryness and more trouble with the erection. I likened it to piercing a cantaloupe with a pipe cleaner.  You can get it in there but you might have to twist and it could take all day.

TONYA: That’s a stunning visual.

Max: I’ll say!

JENNIFER:  Then I told her that it was important to talk to her doctor about these issues because these are common issues and there are solutions.  I also told her to invest in a good silicone lubricant because it’s much longer lasting than a typical drugstore lubricant.

TONYA:  Which one?

JENNIFER:  Wet Platinum doesn’t absorb into the skin and there is no water in it so it doesn’t evaporate.  It also has a neutral pH so it doesn’t upset a woman’s natural pH.  And it’s sugar-free!  Sorry, I got carried away.  Anyway, she seemed excited to try it with her new guy.

TONYA: Did anyone else know that Loretta was seeing someone?

NEVA: No, but I overheard her talking to a man on her speaker phone. They were yelling.  Something about a check.

ROSE MARIE: Now, now. let’s calm down. Everyone’s got to be hungry.  How about enjoying some of Arthur’s Mango Salsa and these low-fat chips? Anyone care for some tea?  Neva, dear?

Narrator: All this talk about lubricants and sex. I lost my train of thought. While the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach and Mama Rose Marie are eating away on Arthur’s homemade Mango Salsa, Mr. Divabetic has his conscience eating away at HIM!  If he doesn’t figure out who killed Loretta Goner before the police arrive it might be curtains for Divabetic!!  Time running out, Max quickly decides he can’t get down, he needs to get a Diva to help, someone smart and sexy just like best-selling author Tonya Kappes!!  

We can’t let Divabetic go

It’s too important to us all!

We have to find the murderer.

We can’t let Max take the fall!!!


MAX: Yikes, that’s my knife, alright. Oh, poor, Loretta. This is awful.

TONYA: There’s no signs of a fight. I’d say whoever killed Loretta knew what they were doing.

MAX:  Gosh, the police will be here any minute. I’m done for. What am I going to do?

TONYA:  Max, don’t!  Touch anything

MAX: Why not? It’s just her purse?

TONYA:  Her purse is evidence and now your fingerprints are all over it.

MAX:  Oh, great. ow you tell me. There’s no harm now. Let’s see what Loretta had in here – there’s lipstick, keys, Kleenex and a ton of cold pills?

NEVA Let me take a look. I heard about this substance. A lot of women use it as a short-cut to weight loss without realizing the serious health consequences

TONYA: Aren’t over the counter drugs harmless?

NEVA: Not if you if you misuse them.  This one increases blood pressure leading to heart disease and can cause anxiety as well as insomnia which is a pretty steep price to pay for weight loss

MAX:  You two sound like you’re on an episode of CSI. Cut the medical jargon. And let’s look for clues.

TONYA: Max, the murder always had a motive. And it might not be that obvious. For example, in a lot of my books I include what’s called a red herring. That’s a clue that’s intended to be misleading or distracting.

MAX: I need that like I need a hole in my head.  The deck’s already stacked against me, Tonya. I’m the only one with a motive. I was fired by Loretta!

NEVA: And the murder weapon is your knife, don’t forget

MAX: Look, look, look, look, I found a check from Cure Sugar Now. It’s made out to CASH for TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

TONYA: $250,000 dollars. Let me see. This sure is a lot of money. Wait, isn’t Patricia from Atlanta?

MAX: Yes, why does that matter?

TONYA: This check is issued by a bank in Atlanta. Did Patricia owe anyone money? Or did she need money? For something?

Max:  Hmmm. Wait– you’re brilliant, Tonya!!!  Patricia told me that she wants to switch careers and open a big day care center and nursery school –  that takes a lot of money.

TONYA: Sounds like your sweet Georgia peach is pretty sour because Patricia’s the only one who could cash a check for quarter of million dollars from a bank in Atlanta

Narrator: Unfortunately, our Diabetes Late Nite cast of characters are long on accusations but short on clues. While there’s no denying that Neva White and Loretta Goner did not get along, there’s no evidence to prove that Neva killed her. And Patricia Addie Gentle’s plan to opening a healthy active daycare center doesn’t warrant enough motive to make her a suspect. Which leaves only two more suspects for the murder of Loretta Goner – Mr. Divabetic and Mama Rose Marie?!!!!  

Is Orange the new black for our happy healthcare host?  (ORGAN) What about our sweet Mama Rose Marie?  (ORGAN) Who, dear listeners, could be capable of such a horrible crime?* (ORGAN)

MAX: Good grief. Searching for clues is useless. We’re back to square one.  Patricia’s alibi is airtight, Tonya.  There’s no way Neva did it either.. You might as well cuff me.

TONYA: Not so fast. You’re not the only name left on our list. We got a few more things to figure out. Don’t get mad.  But how well did Mama Rose Marie and Loretta get along, Neva?

NEVA: They were thick as thieves. They’ve been staying late taping a new show idea in the Studio.

MAX:  Are you two for real? We’re grasping for straws everybody if you think my mom’s the killer.   Cause if she is then guess what?  The killer’s taking a nap in the green room while the rest of us traipse around looking for clues.

TONYA: Where would you keep those tapes?

MAX: They’d be stored in the Studio with all the other show tapes.

TONYA:  I have a hunch they may give us a clue. Let’s go see

MAX: Go where? Back to the studio?  Maybe we should wait for the police? Loretta’s still in there.

TONYA: Max, if we don’t figure this out before the police get here. You might end up behind bars.

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