Fruit Juice vs. Soda: Which One Has More Sugar?


Divabetic: Juice vs. Soda

Many of us think that orange or apple juice is a healthy drink, but some of these juices can have as much sugar as soda. To avoid this common ‘diet downfall,’ read the nutrition facts on the label first — just because it says “juice” doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

What’s a diva to do?

Why not skip the juice and make your own flavored drinks to satisfy your taste buds? Here’s one idea: Start with sparkling or regular water and add slices of your favorite fruit like oranges for extra flavor.

Confused about food? Tune in to Diva TalkRadio for our popular ‘Food Aisle Face-Off’ segment. The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic and Judi Wilcox, Registered Dietitian, compare two common food products in your grocery store and offer advise on which item  is the better option for you.

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