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Venus And Serena Williams Change Their Diets

April 29, 2012
Divabetic: Serena WilliamsTennis star, Serena Williams says altering her diet in support of big sister Venus Williams hasn’t been much of a hardship.
Serena said she’s cut down on eating chicken and fish and is eating more raw foods like Venus, who adopted the change to help her body cope with Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease that can cause fatigue and joint pain. But while the new diet has been a big change for Venus, it’s not been that big a deal for Serena, she says.
“I’ve always been a better eater than her, even though I’m a lot, lot thicker,” she said, laughing during a recent phone interview.Serena said since she lives with Venus, she is mindful to eat foods that won’t tempt her.“I don’t want her to come home and see a piece of chicken and be like, ‘Oh, I want it,’ and she can’t have it. It would be like a stumbling block for her,” she added.Both Serena and Venus have been back on the tennis court recently after dealing with health issues. Serena had ankle injuries this year and last year made her return after missing nearly a year because of several health concerns, including cuts on her feet from glass at a restaurant and clots in her lungs.
“I’m looking forward to playing, and just playing and being healthy; I haven’t really been healthy in a few years, and I’m just really looking forward to having a chance to play,” she said. “I think right now I am at 100 percent … I’m really looking forward to continuing this and continuing to be healthy.
”Besides her excitement for upcoming Grand Slams and the Olympics, Serena said she’s also still focused on her side ventures, which include an upcoming appearance on the TV show “Drop Dead Diva,” her nails (she’s a licensed manicurist and has a nail polish line), her clothing company, Aneres(she said it’s relaunching online next year) and business school, just to name a few.
She’s also part of a new venture with LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Paul and Pitbull to promote Sleep Sheets, which bills itself as a natural sleep aid. Serena said she’s had trouble sleeping for years because she’s “constantly on a natural high, high on life and happy, happy, happy and working.”

She said her sleep difficulty was so bad one year it affected her at the Australian Open.

“Several years ago before like the finals, I couldn’t sleep, and I had to take something to relax and make me go to sleep,” she said. “It was obviously a pharmaceutical thing, but I physically couldn’t sleep, and the only thing with that is that it slows you down the next day.”

She still won the trophy.

“I did, but I was a little sluggish,” she said, laughing. “It’s nothing that I ever want to do again. I can’t put the finals of the Australian Open on the line because I can’t sleep.”

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Freddie Jackson Says Luther Vandross Is Still Winning

April 29, 2012

Recently Freddie Jackson shared his memories of Luther Vandross and their friendly competition.

“I taught him everything he knew,” Freddie jokes. “We used to have fun with it, and it kept us motivated to be the best. Now I don’t have nobody to play with, I’m all by myself, and I’m kicking everybody’s behind!”

Freddie Jackson went on to reveal that the two would enact staged feuds at parties, to play off their assumed rivalry, but that even in death, Luther is still “winning.”

“I have the utmost respect for Luther Vandross, first of all, because he was the consummate artist, and today it’s still living,” Jackson explains. “I get Luther on my radio more than I get Freddie, and I’m like, you know, ‘he’s still winning!’ When you do what you do good, it’s supposed to never die. The body might, but what you do will live on far beyond you. He will ever live in my soul and in my music, and when I go into the studio I think sometimes, how would Luther have done it? I’m just not the only one, I’m the only one that admits it.”

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