RuPaul Resists Root Beer Floats


The Diva vs. The DessertIn this Diva vs. The Dessert Showdown, Root Beer proves to be no match for a supermodel like RuPaul.

Let this fighting diva inspire you to see that life without sweet indulgences isn’t a DRAG. But if you’re struggling with your cravings, let ‘vanity’ to be the main purpose of your diet  —i.e., to look incredible in a swimsuit -you’re unlikely to stick with it for the long haul.

The solution: “Arm yourself with additional motivators,” says Jeff Volek, Ph.D., R.D., of the University of Connecticut. He suggests keeping a daily journal in which you monitor migraines, heartburn, acne, canker sores, and sleep quality in addition to body measurements and the number on the scale. #divavsdessert

CURB YOUR CARBS: Tune in to Diva TalkRadio – Diabetes Roundtable for snazzy advice on nutrition, fitness and diabetes self-care:

“Discovering that your new diet improves the quality of your life and health is powerful motivation,” Volek says.

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