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Ryan Lochte Makes Vogue Magazine’s Cover

May 14, 2012

Vogue magazineThe June 2012 issue, Anna Wintour has permitted a Ryan Lochte to grace to cover, making him just the fourth man to ever cover the Vogue.

Ryan Lochte, a six-time Olympic medalist swimmer, is joined by Hope Solo and Serena Williams, both wearing ruched retro swimsuits (string bikinis are for Sports Illustrated covers). With the super buff Lochte photographed mid-stride, sporting a lady on each arm, the Annie Leibovitz-snapped cover has a strong “Baywatch” vibe. We half expected to see a bright red rescue board trailing behind them…

The theme of the cover, of course, is the 2012 London Olympics, which have already gotten a fair amount of attention from the fashion industry. Stella McCartney designed the blue and white “kit” (uniform) for Team GB (Great Britain), while Giorgio Armani did the honors for Team Italy. The U.S. uniforms are designed by that paragon of Americana, Ralph Lauren.

Although no one seems to be wearing much of any uniform on the June cover of Vogue, save for some swimsuits. Do you like the sunny, sporty cover or is it a bit too “Baywatch”-y for ya?

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Desperate Housewives Throws In The Towel

May 14, 2012

Desperate HousewivesDesperate Housewives concluded its rocky, racy and macabre eight-season run with a tidy, affectionate send-off.

Everyone seems destined to live happily ever after.  Sunday’s two-hour finale (whose second hour was written by series creator Marc Cherry) was a reminder of why “Desperate Housewives” struck such a chord with its arrival in fall 2004.

It burst on the scene as TV’s go-to address for sexy suburban angst. It hooked America from its first-place premiere airing when, among many twists, its series-long narrator (neighbor Mary Alice Young, portrayed by Brenda Strong) gave a play-by-play of her own suicide.

Then, as now, at the heart of this throbbing universe are the four titular housewives: overwrought career woman and weary mom Lynette; sexy, spoiled spitfire Gabrielle; goodhearted bubble-head Susan; and wired-too-tight homemaker Bree.

All of them have gone through so much, yet managed to stay rooted, as hordes of other characters came and went through the years. (Accelerating things, the time frame skipped forward by five years midway through the series’ 8-season run.)

But that’s all over. All four women (we are told) will soon scatter, living out their lives elsewhere, but happily.

The first to exit: Susan, the only member of the foursome who leaves without a partner by her side.

“Do I have one last torrid romance in me? Maybe,” she tells daughter Julie wistfully. “But I know if I am ever old and lonely, I can wrap myself up in all those memories (of life on Wisteria Lane), and I will be content.”

She has sold her home to a young married couple. But the wife, named Jennifer, confides misgivings at moving to the suburbs.

“I’m a little worried it’s going to be boring,” she tells Susan.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that,” replies Susan with a knowing smile.

And, indeed, new housewife Jennifer seems to be bringing her own secrets and woes to the block — at least, if the series’ final shot of her stricken expression and a mysterious box are any indication.

What a relief as the show comes to a close! Just because viewers won’t be privy to future happenings on Wisteria Lane doesn’t mean there’s any danger of things settling down.

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High Fructoose Corn Syrup In Soda May Cause Diabetes

May 14, 2012

High fructose corn syrup is the primary sweetener found in numerous foods and beverages such as non-diet soda, baked foods, and condiments. Many food manufacturers prefer the syrup because it is economical, sweeter and easy to blend into beverages. He found high levels of reactive carbonyls that are believed to cause tissue damage through unbound fructose and glucose molecules. By comparison, table sugar does not have reactive carbonyls because its chemical compounds are bound and stable.

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Diabetes Care In State Of Crisis

May 14, 2012

Diabetes UKDiabetes care in England is in a “state of crisis” with less than half of people with the condition getting the basic minimum care, a report warns.

According to the State of the Nation 2012 report, published today by Diabetes UK, there are some areas where just 6% of people with diabetes are getting the regular checks and services recommended by theNational Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice).

The report details how not getting these checks has helped fuel a rise in rates of diabetes-related complications such as amputation, blindness, kidney failure and stroke.

These complications account for about 80% of NHS spending on diabetes and are one of the main reasons that treating diabetes costs about 10% of the entire NHS budget, Diabetes UK said.

The report also shows that a National Service Framework for diabetes – setting out the healthcare which diabetes patients should get – has been in place for 11 years but has not become a reality.

Diabetes UK is calling on the Government to urgently deliver a plan to implement these standards.

Barbara Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK, said: “We already know that diabetes is costing the NHS a colossal amount of money, but this report shows how in exchange for this investment we are getting second rate healthcare that is putting people with diabetes at increased risk of tragic complications and early death.

“Whether showing the number of children with Type 1 diabetes who are only diagnosed at accident and emergency or highlighting the thousands of preventable diabetes-related amputations performed every year, the report shows that diabetes healthcare has drifted into a state of crisis.

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