Reese Witherspoon Resists Reese’s Pieces So Can You!


Diva vs. DessertIn the age old battle of the bulge it seems like superstar divas are much better than the rest of us at fighting off temptations.  In this Diva Vs. Dessert duel,  Reese Witherspoon seems to be able to resist Reese’s Pieces with ease. What’s her secret?

Reese Witherspoon makes exercising and eating right a way of life. “I work out all the time anyway just to stay healthy. I don’t believe in crash dieting or anything like that,” she recently told Us Weekly.

She stays motivated by having a fitness buddy. She and husband Jim Toth run together and she also hikes with her dog — pretty smart since studies show that  dog owner walk more.

Reese also makes a point to change up her fitness routine. Besides going to both yoga and spin classes, Reese likes to get creative! The actress is a fan of YogaHop, which incorporates yoga poses with hip-hop, rock, and pop music.#divavsdessert

TUNE IN: Diva TalkRadio – Diabetes Roundtable hosted by Mr. Divabetic and featuring pretty powerful advice nutrition, fitness and diabetes self-care.

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