Disturbing Ad Features Little Mermaid Getting Plastic Surgery


Divabetic SummerSurely a Disney princess doesn’t need any work done, right?

Well, don’t ask a plastic surgeon that, because apparently, the iconic Little Mermaid was a prime candidate for few procedures  BuzzFeed’s Copyranter spotted this ad from Clinica Dempere, a plastic surgery center in Venezuela, who decided to give Ariel the old nip and tuck anyway in a new spot for their services. After seeing the ad we’re scratching our heads saying, “How insane?!!!”

After Ariel escapes from the evil Ursula, she’s seen on the operating table, where, sprawled out before a beckoning surgeon, she gets her wishes granted without giving away her magic voice box.

So, what procedures did the Little Mermaid opt for? She seems to have gotten the full “Real Housewives” treatment with a boob job and a widened pout. And somehow, the doctors in Venezuela managed to sculpt a pair of sexy human legs outfitted with stilettos out of her mermaid tail.

While people have tried to digitally slim down other “Mermaid” characters in the past, the introduction of cosmetic surgery into the pot is definitely an even more somber message to young girls. The clinic’s ad is surely an attempt to be cute, but seriously, Ariel: you look great under the sea as is.

We all want our children to have good relations with their peers as well as have a great self-image. Girls in particular often struggle with poor body image, peer and social pressures to look a certain way, or can lose confidence in their academic abilities during adolescence. Obviously, ads like this don’t  help our cause to empower, encourage and motivate women of all ages to feel healthy and beautiful. We wish these plastic surgeons would take a tip from Divabetic icon,  Patti LaBelle and get ‘A New Attitude!” about the  way they advertise their services.

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  1. Little Mermaid: Surgery Transforms Disney Princess | WebProNews Says:

    […] the ad is clearly meant for discerning adults with a cheeky sense of humor, some are concerned about the image and what it will say to girls or young women. However, to be fair to the company, […]

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