Katy Perry’s Dramatic New Hair Color


Divabetic SummerDivabetic’s Diabetes Roundtable DIVA inspiration, Katy Perry has changed up her her hair color ONCE AGAIN!  It seems like only yesterday that  her famous mane was jet black (as were her bra and undies, visible through her totally sheer dress). But for her latest magazine shoot for L’Officiel Paris, she’s gone a shade of orange to bring out her inner ‘lioness.’

If we just ended a relationship with John Mayer, we’d want to ROAR too!

“That’s one way to get someone out of your hair!” declared People magazine, drumming up the cliche that life events like a breakup inspire drastic changes to our looks

It’s not the first time the pop star’s gone orange — she accidentally went ginger last summer followed by a two-tone orange ombre — but we actually like this new hue more than her neon bluedark purplepale rosecotton candy pink… you get the point.

Unfortunately, it’s probably not here to stay. Katy’s hair colors are harder to keep track of than her ever-changing (rumored) boyfriends.

Would you dye your hair a different color every day if  you could?!

Experts agree its best to wait for at least 1/4″ hair growth, so about 4-6 weeks.

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