Thomas Moore Shares His “Diagnosis To Dude!” Story

Thomas Moore - Blue Heel Society

Thomas Moore – Blue Heel Society

Meet Thomas Moore, our special guest ‘DUDE’ on the upcoming Diabetes Roundtable Inspired by Melba Moore scheduled for Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 6 – 7 PM, EST.

Thomas shares his ‘Diagnosis to Dude’ story and the reason why he prefers to wear blue shoes.

Diagnosis To Diva/Dude Story:  When diabetes first entered my life, it was a very limited exposure with my Wife’s Grandmother. About all I knew then was that there was insulin in the fridge. Fast forward to 1993 when my Wife was diagnosed Type 2 and was put on metformin. Backing up for one second, it is worth noting that the comorbidity that has been the most troublesome of them all, DPN, was diagnosed BEFORE the diabetes diagnosis. A few short years later, about 1996, there was a bad episode of a Foot Ulcer that sent us to the ER, where her BGL was at 680. She was put on insulin right away, the Ulcer eventually was well enough to go home, and the only thing in the discharge orders about Insulin, was a reference to something called the “Sliding Scale”. I’d had enough of not knowing enough, and shortly thereafter I started poking around the Internet for information, and found the beginnings of what we now call the Diabetes Online community (DOC).

That did a number of things for me, most notably I found out I didn’t know crap about how to best manage diabetes, for my Wife, and found out just how deadly this D thing can be. I went into Programmer mode driving me to search out and find out every single minute thing associated. If I cannot completely understand something from top to bottom…start to finish, I couldn’t write Code.

Then a number of wonderfully snowballing events happened, where I was now not just another person trying to cope and learn, I was at that point an Advocate now. I had a sense of duty, I felt the urgent need to help teach & learn as much as possible, as I met amazing people along the  way urging me to be my best at doing so, as I had always tried to do. Always trying sums it up, and is also my first and most popular Twitter handle. Then something happened out of the blue…

I was now not just a Caregiver/Advocate, I was on the other side of the table. I was now looking at being a Patient, pre-diabetic, among other issues. When I got that Pre-D diagnosis I crossed over a line, I was now a person that had to practice what I have learned…on me. My Family and many friends acted like I was given a Dx of the most deadly thing in the world. How could *I*, the one who had been fighting the good fight FOR diabetics, now included ME.

THIS, is the point in time when along with the other recently uncovered medical issues I am facing, I realized how serious the Patient side of the table can be, how scary it can be…I realized I am not special, I am not alone, I am surrounded by love…I will keep on keeping on!

Biggest Self-Care Issue or Concern: To remember to take care of *ME* or else I can’t take care of anyone else.

Special members of healthcare entourage: I have many, but first and foremost is my Family…Wife/Kids/Grandkids etc. and my ‘new’ G.P. who is an ambitious YOUNG lad (half my age I am sure). Even though I am technically considered my Wife’s D Caregiver, she certainly takes more care of me, her Dad (Lives with us going on twenty years!), and kids/grandkids. Hands down, the mental motivation and caring from a close Family is the biggest asset to my positive journey for healthcare…and SELF-CARE. Last but not least is my fellow Team members at Blue Heel Society (BHS) & Tony Cervati at (T1R), without them, the journey would be difficult. They are truly Family to me as well…

Blue Heel Society

Blue Heel Society

Diabetes Organizations You’re Affiliated With: Let me talk about Blue Heel Society: We founded this society to change the way people saw this disease….Diabetes. We want the world to know…..if you live with, love, or care for someone with diabetes, regardless of the type….you are fabulous! We wear that Blue Shoe in good blood sugars….and in *bad*.

We advocate for anyone affected by diabetes. We don’t sugar coat it….unless it matches the shoes. We promote awareness about diabetes and education. One step at a time. We encourage anyone to do the same… the style they see fit. We support all efforts by the community to change how people see diabetes. Walking the walk…so they say.

We choose to stand up, be seen, and be heard in our Blue Heels.” So we are really saying in both arenas (BHS & T1R) that everyone affected by living ‘la vida D’ can do so no matter what, do so in BLUE Style, and do so everywhere/anywhere you may go. Doesn’t have to be a diabetes related environment nor have anything to do with the D. We just do so in blue shoes, and are proud to tell you *WHY* we wear them🙂

It has amazed me that the positive nature of our communities have prospered so well, we RARELY even mention the word “diabetes”…it is implied and we know & respect that.

I have also had the honor of being involved in some amazing Projects, one being helping Amy Ermel, creator of “Diabetic Barbie”, as they have grown the simple idea of being able to help a little girl or boy feel they have a playmate that is just like them.

Favorite Diabetes Resource: I would have to say the DOC. If it was not because of the DOC, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be involved. ANY/EVERY situation can be presented, even life saving efforts, by the DOC and right away there are people ready and willing to help.

Favorite Celebrity Diva/Dude:  I again am reminded of a special element of the DOC, true Celebrity Diva’s and Dude’s for sure…Parents of children with diabetes, particularly single Parents. These hero’s always have a special Spotlight shining on them that is only reserved for the biggest Celeb’s around!

Favorite Movie: “Groundhog Day” and Favorite  TV Show: “How It’s Made”

Favorite Song: I have SO many, however, I have a new’ish one titled “Overwhelmed” by Tim McMorris, that I really can’t get out of my head🙂

Motivating Mindset: My journey living with diabetes has been interesting to say the least, as I have recently been transitioning from Caregiver to Patient.  I must also say that I cannot remember any other time in my life that I am GLAD that we endure living la vida D in this day and age. Finding the DOC has been a soothing bonus that most importantly reminds us daily that we are not alone in this journey. It isn’t all doom and gloom.

For any new diagnosis it is paramount to find someone in the same set of situations with your Health, and embrace any/every chance you get to travel the road together at the beginning, and work towards common goals.

Don’t be overwhelmed by numbers, statistics, research and data. But also know that in my mind we are as on the verge of that ever elusive “CURE”, than we have ever been. I peruse, and have for some time, a plethora of Articles and News stories. More specifically “Cure Based Research” when it relates to actual studies currently underway. The pieces and parts that have been a result of past Research has shown us a lot of what has perhaps “CAUSED” diabetes and related comorbiditys, as until we understand what actually ‘Causes’ these issues, we certainly can not prevent it either.

Be aware that there are bumps in the road. Be more aware that there are many folks out there in DOC land, such as Divabetic, that can help show you the way around those bumps, as we get that much closer to living better day by day.

Thomas Moore’s Motto: The Glass is ALWAYS Full…A scientific fact🙂

Divabetic - Melba Moore

Divabetic – Melba Moore

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