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Diabetes Time Machine Trivia: 1970’s

March 31, 2014

pod.001Have fun testing your knowledge of Diabetes History with Divabetic’s Diabetes Time Machine Trivia Challenge. Put these 3 milestones from the 1970’s in the correct chronological order:

#1: Charlie’s Angels debuts on ABC with Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith & Farrah Fawcett
#2: HbA1C test is introduced
#3: President Richard Nixon resigns from office
Which one happened first?

DID YOU KNOW? A1C levels close to normal, lower the risk for diabetes health-related complications and lower the cost of care in the long run  A decrease of just one percentage point in A1C level can lower the risk for eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage and heart disease by an average of over 50 percent. Find out more about the A1 C at: American Diabetes Association.

The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic loves to make learning fun with  diabetes self-care games. All Diabetes Late Nite podcast game contestants receive prizes including a Nu Naturals gift basket filled with diabetic safe, low glycemic. tooth friendly sweeteners, a Cabot Cheese gift basket and samples of Dr. Greenfield’s diabetic products  for hands, body, face and feet to moisturize and soften skin while reducing painful cracking and dryness.

TUNE IN: Diabetes Late Nite  podcast inspired by the Sapphires hosted by Mr. Divabetic

DIABETES TIMELINE ANSWERS: 1974, President Richard Nixon resigns from office. 1975, the HbA1c test is introduced. 1976, Charlie’s Angels debuts on ABC.

Are You Playing Games With Your Diabetes?

March 25, 2014
Diabetes Wheel Of Fortune

Diabetes Wheel Of Fortune

People who play games with their diabetes never win. The truth came out during a recent round of ‘Diabetes Wheel of Fortune’ hosted by happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic at the Divabetic Club – Philadelphia.

The premise of ‘Diabetes Wheel of Fortune’ game is pretty simple – you win by filling in the missing letters of a word related to diabetes self-care in this case, the word was ‘Glucose Meter.’ But just knowing the answer won’t make you a ‘winner’ at managing your diabetes. It’s a start but then you need to walk your talk and put the principles into practice.

The Divabetic Club participant who won the game and solved the ‘Diabetes Wheel of Fortune’ puzzle didn’t really ‘win’ when it came to managing her diabetes. Why? Because when Mr. Divabetic asked her to show her glucose meter to the audience, she didn’t have it with her. She left her house without taking any of the tools necessary to manage your diabetes with her.

When Divabetic lists ‘Carry diabetes self-care supplies with you’ as one of the 9 Divabetic Steps, we’re not just providing lip service.  We believe that planning ahead and carrying your supplies with you is an essential part of  diabetes self- management. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories from people with diabetes who weren’t prepared when they left their homes to deal with an unexpected high and/or low. They felt helpless, frightened and in many cases, deeply regretful for their actions. The symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugars) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugars) can happen suddenly at anytime, anywhere.  It’s important to be prepared to check your blood sugars, and treat them properly every time you leave your home.

The Divabetic Club participant who solved the ‘Diabetes Wheel of Fortune‘ puzzle wasn’t prepared to manage an unexpected blood sugar without her meter. The only way to truly know your numbers is to check your numbers and that requires a meter.

If you always have a bag or purse with you then planning ahead doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You might have to add just one or two more things (like a glucose meter) to your bag in order to keep your diabetes in check. Today, there are so many glucose meters available  in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors that carrying a meter with you won’t cramp your style.

Here’s what you should carry: Glucose meter and supplies, Insulin,Metformin and/or other meds., Water, Snacks, Glucose tablets, Cell phone, doctor’s numbers, Emergency numbers, Kleenex, wet wipes, medical ID and insurance card.

When you plan in advance and carry supplies with you so you can fend off stress, fully enjoy the day and keep your diabetes management on track.  Keeping an eye on blood sugar levels has many benefits. For example, testing your blood sugar levels before and after meals helps you see how eating certain foods affects those levels. Knowing this can help you adjust your food choices.

LISTEN NOW: Diabetes Late Nite podcast hosted by Mr. Divabetic with Poet Lorriane Brooks, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach, Mama Rose Marie and DJ-turned -Comedian Tom Ragu

What Would You Do?: Diabetes Numerology Game

February 19, 2014
Diabetes Numerology Game

Diabetes Numerology Game

Test your Blood Sugar IQ by trying to solve February’s Diabetes Numerology Game puzzle loosely based on the film, ‘The Color Purple.’

DIABETES NUMEROLOGY SITUATION:  You’re a blues singer performing at  Harpo’s new juke joint.


What would you do? Unsure? Check with your doctor to find out what YOUR specific game plan should be.

Diabetes Late Nite contestants who play Diabetes Numerology on the air with the happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic receive free gifts from Nu Naturals ( diabetic safe, low glycemic. tooth friendly sweeteners), Cabot Cheese and Dr. Greenfield’s Diabetic Products (designed and patented under the guidance of a Diabetic Doctor to help reduce the risk of foot complications due to diabetes.)

Tune in to our free monthly podcast, Diabetes Late Nite featuring the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach (3 smart and sexy certified diabetes educators), for self-care advice on treating blood sugar ‘high’s’ and ‘low’s’.

GET TO KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! Have a ‘diabetes numerology’ conversation with your healthcare provider. Enjoy free Diabetes Numerology Game Book downloads at:

LISTEN NOW: Diabetes Late Nite hosted by Mr. Divabetic

Diabetes Time Machine: 1930’s

February 13, 2014

DTIME.001Diabetes Late Nite podcasts feature Diabetes Time Machine Games to test your knowledge of diabetes history and make you aware of the many discoveries and advances.  The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic loves to make learning fun with  diabetes self-care games. All Diabetes Late Nite podcast game contestants receive prizes including a Nu Naturals gift basket filled with diabetic safe, low glycemic. tooth friendly sweeteners, a Cabot Cheese gift basket and samples of Dr. Greenfield’s diabetic products  for hands, body, face and feet to moisturize and soften skin while reducing painful cracking and dryness.

Try your luck at February’s Diabetes Late Nite’s Diabetes Time Machine Game: 1930‘s. Put these 3 milestones in the correct chronological order starting with what you think happened first:

#1: The trampoline is invented

#2: A longer acting insulin is created

#3: The film debut of the Wizard of Oz

Did you know that there are 3 Main Groups of Insulins?

1. Fast-Acting Insulin:

  • Absorbs quickly from your fat tissue (subcutaneous) into bloodstream
  • Controls blood sugars during meals and snacks and corrects high blood sugars

 2. Intermediate-Acting Insulin:

  • Absorbs more slowly, and lasts longer
  • Controls blood sugars overnight, while fasting and between meals

3. Long-Acting Insulin:

  • Absorbs slowly, has a minimal peak effect, and a stable plateau effect that lasts most of the day.
  • Controls the blood sugar overnight, while fasting and between meals

DON’T MISS: Divabetic’s newest stage show, Diabetes Timeline at the ADA Expo in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, November 8, 2014. Register at

LISTEN NOW: Diabetes Late Nite inspired by Fantasia

ANSWERS: In 1934, the trampoline is invented by George Nissen and Larry Griswold. In 1936, a longer acting insulin is created . In 1939, the Wizard Of Oz debuts with Judy Garland

Play Diabetes Wheel Of Fortune

November 28, 2013
Divabetic Puzzles

Divabetic Puzzles

Can you solve the puzzle? There’s several missing vowels on the board, but the happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic  would love to make you feel like a winner by helping you learn more about diabetes and diabetes self-care.

Did you know that there are many forms of insulin to treat diabetes? They are classified by how fast they start to work and how long their effects last. The answer to this puzzle is: GLYCEMIC INDEX.

Why not “laugh a little, learn a lot” with Divabetic games? GLYCEMIC INDEX is a numerical Index that ranks carbohydrates based on their rate of glycemic response (i.e. their conversion to glucose within the human body). Glycemic Index uses a scale of 0 to 100, with higher values given to foods that cause the most rapid rise in blood sugar. Pure glucose serves as a reference point, and is given a Glycemic Index (GI) of 100.

Glycemic Index values are determined experimentally by feeding human test subjects a fixed portion of the food (after an overnight fast), and subsequently extracting and measuring samples of their blood at specific intervals of time.

LISTEN NOW: Mr Divabetic Show featuring Author Kristan Higgins

“I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It!”

May 20, 2013
Divabetic Mangos And Magnolias Stage Show

Divabetic Mangos And Magnolias Stage Show

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” is what several attendees said about the Divabetic Zone at the Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) Conference & Health Fair in Savannah, GA.

The Divabetic Zone was packed with smiling faces, upbeat attitudes and laughter all day long.

The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic kicked off his newest diabetes outreach stage show called “Mangos & Magnolias” at 8 AM on Saturday, May 18, 2013 and never seemed to stop.

“It was my first time to Savannah so I really wanted to put on a show. I wasn’t looking at the clock,” says Max ‘Mr. Divabetic’ Szadek.”Everyone was so friendly. We were having such a good time that I just didn’t want to stop! I love it when we get the crowds to laugh a little and learn a lot. That’s my goal and it blows me away each and everytime it happens.”

This high-energy interactive stage show stretched eight hours with it’s fruity combination of nutrition advice, fun workouts, games and prizes with a dash of Southern charm. Popular show segments like ‘Dancing In Cars’ Chair Cardio Routines have been revved up with hits from One Direction and Nicki Minaj.  ‘Single Ladies/Single Servings’ Portion Games and Carb Kitty, are now featured in between new games such as ‘Mangos & Magnolias’ Diabetes IQ and a Cowboy-inspired fitness demonstration called ‘Rawhide Workouts.’ 

Mr Divabetic's Rawhide Workout

Mr Divabetic’s Rawhide Workout

“The Rawhide workout just came to me out of the blue!,”says Szadek. “I was just playing around with the idea of creating a new chair cardio routine to a country music when it hit me! We need the Wild, Wild West!!”

Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE presented the ‘Queen of Hearts’ Advice on Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home.

Special Guests: Mama Rose Marie, Stan ‘The Announcer Man’ and Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE.

Prize giveaways compliments of Werther’s Original Sugar Free, CVS Pharmacy, dLife, Crystal Light, Extend Nutrition, GlucoLift, Cabot Cheese and Dr. Scholl’s.

“I just hope the divas and dudes in Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY have as much fun as our new friends in Savannah, GA did — then I will be happy!, said Szadek.

Divabetic’s “Mango & Magnolias” tour continues to the end of the year. For more details visit: 

LISTEN NOW:  “Blood Sugars, Babies & Belly Bumps” hosted by Mr. Divabetic

Savory ‘Stir-fry In Seconds’ Recipe from Monique Gordon

August 23, 2012

Divabetic  SummerThe happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic asked one of his favorite Philly divas, Monique Gordon, to share a sensational recipe for cooking vegetables. Monique’s an avid fan of our ‘Serve, Taste or Trash’ video series and would like to help inspire others to ‘taste’ not ‘trash’ their fruits and vegetables.

” I’m not devoted to the stove when preparing meals. My meals have to be prepared in thirty minutes or less, and appealing to the eye when served. I try my best to use the least amount of pans, containers, and utensils except when necessary (when preparing cheese, meat, and fruit). ‘Create as you go’; is my motto. I make it a point not to overcook or over season dishes. There’s nothing worst than eating slimy veggies, fruits, beans etcetera swimming in murky sauce.”

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: Serves 2-3 as a vegetable side dish

Savory Stir-fry In Seconds


  • ¼  cup chopped scallions
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, minced or finely chopped
  • 1-2 thumb-size ginger, sliced into thin toothpick pieces (optional: use 2 tbs. of pickled ginger)
  • ½  to 1 small fresh red chili, sliced, OR ¼  to ½  tsp. chili flakes
  • 1 of each green, red, yellow, purple bell pepper, sliced into strips (usually found at local farmer’s market)
  • 1 small bunch a Swiss chard cut in thirds or beet tops
  • 2 cups cucumbers thinly sliced
  • Handful fresh Thai basil
  • 2 Tbsp. coconut oil or canola oil
  • 2 sheets of sea vegetables (crumble into small pieces)
  • 2 ½  Tbsp. tamari sauce ( San-J Organic Gluten & Wheat Free)
  • 3 ½  Tbsp. fresh lime juice
  • 1 ½  Tbsp. soy sauce (San-J Organic Gluten & Wheat Free)
  • ⅓  to ½  tsp. dried crushed chili or chili flakes
  • ½ cup dice fresh mango or peach, or 2 ½ tsp of peach, apricot, or orange preserves sweeten with fruit juice.


Supplies: 1 small bowl, 1 large bowl, a sharp knife or chopper, a wok or large cast iron pan, and a saucer and spoon for tasting

Note: Rinse (don’t wash or soak) all veggies and fresh herbs before cutting. Washing and soaking veggies depletes them of nutrients.


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Stir well.  Taste the sauce, for spicy, then salty, followed by sweetness. Add more lime juice if too sweet or salty, however, it will be less salty once you add it to the vegetables.

  1. Warm a wok or large cast iron frying pan over medium to high heat. Cast iron pans absorb oil, so you might have to use more. Add oil and swirl around with a pastry brush, then add the scallions, garlic, ginger, and chili. Stir-fry 2 minutes, then add the bell peppers. Also add ⅓ of the stir-fry sauce. Continue stir-frying 2-3 minutes.
  2. Add the Swiss chard and red pepper and another ⅓ of the stir-fry sauce then simmer vegetables about 2 minutes.
  3. Finally add the cucumbers. Add more of the stir-fry sauce as needed, enough to just cover vegetables in sauce. Simmer 2-3 minutes more. Make sure the cucumbers are still crisp and bright green.
  4. Remove from heat and taste (with a clean spoon of course). Add soy sauce, lime juice, or preserves until you reach the desired taste.  Top with fresh basil and serve over rice noodles or rice (brown or white).
Note: You can add mushrooms, onions, carrot, broccoli or any other vegetable that peeks your palate. Creativity is the key.  2010©Monique A. Gordon
Send us your favorite veggies recipes!
Let Mr. Divabetic help to inspire you overcome aversions to fruits and vegetables you think you don’t like, and even learn to love them with his new food game, Serve, Taste or Trash.  

LISTEN NOW: Free Diabetes Roundtable Inspired by Whitney Houston hosted by Mr. Divabetic

Meet Mr. Divabetic on the red tomato carpet at  Fashion’s Night Out in New YorkNYCentral Farm Market in Washington, DC,  Divabetic – Makeover Your Diabetes outreach event in Philadelphia, PA, the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Expo in Pittsburgh, PA and the Taking Control Of Your Diabetes Conferences & Health Fairs in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX in  2012. Watch more of Mr Divabetic‘s  videos, enjoy over 75 free diabetes podcasts and get expert advice on diabetes and diabetes self-care at:

Wednesday’s World Premiere Video: Serve, Taste or Trash!

August 15, 2012

Chances are there are fruits and vegetables you love now that you hated as a kid. But how much fresh produce do you still avoid just because you think you don’t like them?

Most of us struggled with mustard greens, turnips and asparagus, and instead prefer less intense flavors. But as adults we still cling to our preferences without ever stopping to question the meaning of our dislikes.

The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic wants to help you overcome aversions to fruits and vegetables you think you don’t like, and even learn to love them with his new food game, Serve, Taste or Trash.  Here’s how you play: Mr. Divabetic lists 3 fruits and vegetables. Among the 3, you have to say which one you’d serve, which one you’d you taste and which one you’d trash. For this game the choices are: melon, red pepper and eggplant.

Mr. Divabetic is a 2011 WEGO Health Activist Award finalist and the happy healthcare host of Diva TalkRadio. Diva TalkRadio is Divabetic’s dynamic free online and mobile podcast channel where tens of thousands of fans, followers and listeners turn to laugh a little and learn a lot.

LISTEN NOW: Free Diabetes Podcast Inspired by Katy Perry

Meet Mr. Divabetic on the red tomato carpet at Divabetic – Makeover Your Diabetes outreach event in Philadelphia, PA, the American Diabetes Association’s Feria de Salud in New York, NY, Central Farm Market in Washington, DC, the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Expo in Pittsburgh, PA and the Taking Control Of Your Diabetes Conferences & Health Fairs in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX in  2012.

Get inspired to eat more fruits and vegetables. Watch more of Mr Divabetic’s videos, enjoy over 75 free diabetes podcasts and get expert advice on diabetes and diabetes self-care at:

Original music by Douglas Clay:

August Diabetes Roundtable with Judi Wilcox RD, CDE

July 24, 2012

Divabetic SummerThe happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic welcomes Judi Wilcox RD, CDE and the other Charlie’s Angels of Outreach: Lori Bednarz RN, CDE and Constance Brown-Riggs RD, CDE and Mama Rose Marie for Divabetic’s free August Diabetes Roundable scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, 2012, 6 – 6: 6:30 PM, EST.

Enjoy diabetes education in a fun, new way with our popular show segments: Food Aisle Face-Off, Dining Out With A Dietitian, Diabetes Numerology and Mother Your Diabetes.

What are you eating this summer? The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic talks to everyday people about their healthy appetites at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA.

Meet Mr. Divabetic on the red TOMATO carpet in Phildelphia, PA, the American Diabetes Association Expo in Pittsburgh, PA and the Taking Control Of Your Diabetes Conference in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX in Fall 2012. For more glitter, games and glucose advice visit:

LISTEN NOW: Free Diabetes Podcast Inspired by Katy Perry

How To Make Every Carb Count!

June 14, 2012

Carbohydrates (“carbs”) can be counted 2 ways: by grams or by carb choices. Remember: 1 carb choice = 15 grams of carbohydrate. Mr. Divabetic’s educational game, Carb Kitty, makes counting carbs fun. See Mr. Divabetic perform live in these cities: Philadelphia, PA, American Diabetes Association (ADA) Expos – Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY, Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) Conferences & Health Fair – Washington, DC, Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) Conference & Health Fairs – Raleigh, NC and special appearances in Los Angeles, CA, Philadelphia, PA and more! For more games, glucose inspiration and glamour go to:

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